Project: Lloyds Signal Station, Cornwall

Architect: Ed Yuan

Contract Value: £20k

We have been using Millboard Decking for 7+ years and i recently visited the first project we used Millboard decking on.

I was pleasantly surprised and a little bit amazed at how well the product at stood the test of time and the good old Cornish weather.

Most of our projects are with in a few miles of the sea, this means material and product selection has to be carefully thought out.

The product promises to be extremely low maintenance and replicate wood without being made of wood at all. 100% wood free.

Now i don't know the in's and out's of the technical side of the product but what i do know is Millboard Decking ticks all the boxes for me.

It is a good thick wide board, with a rubbery coating that looks exactly like wood and is certainly not slippy when wet.

Millboard is no where near the cheapest product to buy, but what you get is a truly versatile product that gives a great finish to any outside living space. The Thin trim screws are magical the way the heads just sink out of site.

If your budget can stretch i would recommend using Millboard decking everytime.

However i must say my carpenters are not keen on Millboards substructure called Plas-pro. This is a difficult product to use as it is quite slippery when fixing it to its self and can pull away from the mark on an angled screw line. But hay! wood is good for somethings right?

The Photos are of the last project we completed on top of the Lloyds Signal station in Cornwall. as you can see the smoked oak works in Harmony with the lead flashing and the surrounding landscape.

Thank you for reading


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